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From the Mind of Klink (and Friends)

The thoughts, ramblings and opinions of a gaming enthusiast and his closest friends.

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SPECIAL PSA: Tapshot Kickstarter


PSA: Tapshot Kickstarter

NOTE: If you're having trouble viewing the video, click here.

Tapshot Kickstarter Page | Game Synesthesia Official Site | Game Synesthesia Facebook Page | Interview at EB Expo 2013

Keep in mind that we have not been paid to back the project nor did we back the project in order to promote our website/channel. Each of us made our own individual pledge because we loved what we played and we want to see the game reach its full potential.

SPECIAL: EB Expo 2013


EBExpo 2013: The Future of the Australian Gaming Industry

Let's be honest for a second. The Australian gaming industry hasn't been doing well for the past decade. Despite contrary claims that everything was perfectly fine, Australian studios were essentially relegated to nothing more than port jobs or developing existing intellectual properties. Any studio that was developing an original concept was doomed for failure.

With the advent of the then 'next-generation' consoles in the form of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, development costs shot through the roof, many studios closed their doors and many people were placed back in the unemployment line. With so many skilled individuals leaving the country in order to find not only work but success, is it any wonder why no one really cared about the industry here?

Over the past few years something exciting has been emerging. Affordable gaming engines in the form of Unity and the prospect of open platforms have invigorated individuals of varying skill sets to band together and form their own small teams. Major educational institutions are taking game development seriously and providing eager students a place to hone their craft. Now more than any other time in Australian history the game development scene is booming at an exponential rate.

At last years' EB Expo the Home Grown Gaming area was pretty unimpressive. A dodgy tent placed far from the main exhibition halls ensured that only those who were interested in the emerging scene would discover the raw skill of up-and-coming developers. Inside, most of the space was dedicated to E-Sport LAN events and Cosplay competitions. Foot-traffic was low and exposure for these individuals was lower.

That all changed this year. The Home Grown Gaming section was placed inside the main halls and was larger than I had ever seen it. Developers of all ages, skills and experience banded together and helped each other out wherever possible. Foot-traffic was at an all time high and the exposure these individuals received was nothing short of inspiring. For the first time in a very long time, I got to watch the future of the Australian gaming industry boom right before my very eyes and I loved every single second of it.

We here at the Mind of Klink are complete amateurs; we slur, we mumble and we clearly aren't made for prime time television. Nevertheless we grabbed our camera, our big-ass bright light and our microphone recorders and began interviewing as many developers as we could find. Even then we still missed a few developers and for that I would like to take this moment to offer my sincerest apologies.

In the twenty six videos below you will see not only some amazing games in the works but get to see the faces and raw skill of the people who will shape the future of this industry. I wish all the developers the best of luck in their efforts and I hope they find success in their games. These are the people who deserve it most.

NOTICE TO FIREFOX USERS: Firefox is having trouble rendering the iFrames for the Youtube videos. Please click here to view the playlist on Youtube.

Super Mega Mega

NOTE: First 10 seconds of the interview and I cocked up the studio name. It's Blunt Instrument, not Blunt Industries. My Apologies.

Blunt Instrument Official Site | Super Mega Mega Dev Blog | Oculus VR Store

Devolution and Jelly

NOTE: We forgot to record footage of Jelly. Oops. :(

Liz Threlfo Official Site | One Game A Month | Game Jolt

Protocol E

NOTE: There are some major audio issues towards the end of the video. We sacrificed audio quality in order to understand what was being said.

Quantum Shade Interactive | Protocol E


SeeThrough Studios Official Site | Particulars (with Demo) | Vote for Particulars on Steam Greenlight!

OTTTD (Over-the-Top Tower Defense)

NOTE: My apologies to Patrick for forgetting his name at the beginning of the video. I'm also sorry for screwing up the acronym.

SMG Studios Official Site | Twitter | Facebook


PixelPickle Official Site

Clicktraption and InconSpyCuous

Cardboard Keep Official Site | Clicktraption on Kongregate | InconSpyCuous Download


Confused Origami Official Site | SkyTank


IntrensiQ Official Site | Glide Site

Formula Legend

Beer Mogul Official Site | Formula Legend


NOTE: We forgot to record footage of Tapshot. Have an extended interview instead. :P

Game-Synesthesia Official Site | Game-Synesthesia Facebook

Eternal Pain

Eternal Pain Official Site | Download Eternal Pain

Unhack and Bermuda

Invert Mouse Official Site | Play Unhack | Vote for Unhack on Steam Greenlight! | Bermuda Official Site


Outpost Software Official Site | Download and Play Outpost

Rumble Academy and Little Wings

NOTE: We forgot to record footage of Little Wings. We got too distracted by Rumble Academy.

Big Paw Games Official Site | Rumble Academy | Little Wings


Wildgrass Games Official Site | Pandamonium Download

Cell Surgeon

Injoy Labs Facebook


Evil Aliens Official Site | Play Orbitor | Vote for Orbitor on Steam Greenlight!


NOTE: There are a few audio issues within the video. My apologies.

Spaceberg Official and Download

Catapult King

Wicked Witch Official Site | Catapult King Official Site

Blast 'em Bunnies and Cubemen 2

NOTE: We forgot to record footage of both Blast 'em Bunnies and Cubemen 2 so we used footage from their respective trailers. My sincerest apologies to both Nic and Seon.

Nnooo Official Site | Blast 'em Bunnies Official | 3 Sprockets Official Site | Cubemen 2 Official

Voxel Nova

Playground Heroes Official Site | Voxel Nova Official

Natz and Bolts

Natz and Bolts Official Site


Clockwork Interactive Official Site

A New Universe

3Fault Official Site

Augmented Instincts

NOTE: This interview started before we actually recorded. Time was running short so we didn't get to do an introduction.

Oculus Developer Forum

Special Thanks

On behalf of everyone here at the Mind of Klink I would like to extend a very special thanks to every developer we met at the EB Expo. Each and every single one of you were very welcoming and made us feel comfortable even with our inexperience.

I would also like to thank the organisers of the EB Expo for providing a place for these developers to show off their works and gain some much needed exposure.

Finally, I would like to thank Double Fine Productions for creating the awesome game Dropchord whose music I unceremoniously used for these videos.

Listen to Dropchord on Youtube | Buy the Soundtrack

See you next year!



RELAUNCHED! 'From the Mind of Klink' Lives Again!

About two and a half years ago I shut down this web site after a little over one year of operation. While this was and still is a place where I can share my thoughts, ramblings and opinions, it slowly decayed to the point where I was not happy with the site and myself. I began to value quantity over quality and I strayed down the path that many in the gaming media would not hesitate to follow; becoming little more than buyers' guides with a fixation on oneself rather than exposing and highlighting the content that actually matters.

Taking down the site was a breath of fresh air for me. I could reflect on myself, my site, the decisions I've made as well as the gaming industry and media as a whole. In this industry many seem to forget about the human element; games are not produced in factories but by men and women who pour their blood, sweat, tears and even their lives into the games they create. Most want to share experiences and above all else want to ensure that anyone who is playing their games are having fun.

Now after all this time I am finally confident to resurrect the site just as a phoenix rises from the ashes. Quality over quantity, reflection not reviewing, knowledge never stagnation. I want to showcase and highlight the people behind the games not just the games themselves. I want to bring to light trends in the industry and their impacts. I never want to block content behind a bevy of ads nor do I expect to receive any compensation for our work; monetary or otherwise. Best of all I am not alone this time around. I am joined by my closest friends; some are expert gamers and others are slowly getting back into it.

Welcome to the Mind of Klink. I cannot promise frequent updates but I hope you enjoy the content we provide and the site as a whole.

Mark "Klink" Kalinic
Inderjit "Indy" Saggu